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PTAS is a technology that makes use of available CCTV cameras and analyzes customer data.
It is a marketing solution, creating data for number of visitors and attribute information with only CCTV video.
We offer an easy-to-use dashboard for PTAS users, allowing effective data management.

PTAS Features




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PTAS Introduction Flow

After hearing the customer’s needs, PTAS can be adjusted to the customer’s environment.
Customization is based on purpose of use, location of cameras, and number of cameras.
Our experienced experts conduct an on-site survey before we offer the optimal system that meets your needs.
We offer support from inquiry to service operation and consulting.

PTAS Uses and Examples

PTAS can be used in a wide variety of situations.

People Tracking
PTAS calculates the number of customers who visit your store in real time, offering accurate statistical data to check. (Number of customers, number of passerby's, ratio of number of people who enter, etc.)
This can be used in shift scheduling, offering customer data separated by time.
Face Recognition
You can see the personal attributes and purchasing behaviors of customers through attribute calculations (gender, age). You can use this data to target specific age or gender groups in marketing.
Face Authentication
You can solve a variety of problems through notifications for face pass, repeaters, those on black list, and VIPs.
It can be used for as a member face pass in place of a member's card.
Losses can be reduced through theft prevention.
You can also manage repeater events and VIP customers.
Heat Map
Count information can be displayed easily with a heat map.
You can see where and when many customers congregate, which can then be used for marketing or store layout changes.