〒108-0073 6F, FBR Mita Building, 4-1-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan NSENSE Corp.
NSENSE is a company of vision recognition technology.
Mission: The corporation that “acts” toward clear “goal” with great “confidence”

At the center of the dream, there is Visual Recognition Technology, and at the center of Visual Recognition Technology, there is NSENSE.

NSENSE main objective is to constantly overcome challenges to provide humanity with their long-awaited dream, an incredible experience of connecting the reality with the virtual worlds.

Unleash the long-awaited "dreams" of humanity through various solutions provided by NSENSE, the corporation that possesses cutting edge IT technologies:

· ARme: World's Best Image・Video Recognition solution
· PTAS: Video Analytic solution for effective surveillance and marketing strategies
· NVIS: Next Generation Spatial Recognition solution to meet various needs

Through innovative recognition solutions based upon deep learning,
we will not only make dreams come true,
but also contribute to social development.

Corporate Identity
The CI of NSENSE symbolizes "NON SENSE!" and "NEXT SENSE!",
which means "Go beyond common sense" and "Create special sense for next generation".

「N」of NSENSE means [で] of [できる; to be able to do; to be ready], which is our corporate philosophy.

Company Motto


We aim to be global IT company with Core Technology.


Only a person with self-confidence can be trusted and relieved.


We always act positively without fear of failure with an aim and self-confidence.

Company Outline

Corporate name



Seungho Yang


September, 2005


49 Million Yen

Head Quarter

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Subsidiary Office

Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea


Pending indication of object information based on the image recognition technology
Pending contents indicating system and method of indication by object recognition technology


Development of vision recognition solutions and license sales

Financial accountant


Company History
Global leader of computer vision technology
As a global leader of computer vision technology, NSENSE is leading the industry with fast object detection and feature point analysis technology

Launches face recognition service
Registrate a patent for ARme
Release of NVIS engine (space recognition)
Release of Face authentication engine
Release of ARme API

Change of corporate name to NSENSE Corp.
launch of ARme video recognition service.
Release of PTAS.

Adaptation to wearable devices
Completion of Video search technology development
Completion of movement analysis development
Development of 3D Space/Object recognition technology

Release of original ARme service
Structure of cloud-based server
Structure and operation of contents server (CDN) all over the world

Completion of Image recognition engine Development
Development of Augmented Reality technology
Development of face recognition
Release of ARme, ARnavi engine

Founded in September, 2005