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ARme is the world’s best image and video recognition engine.
A wide variety of services are available through the ARme smartphone app.
Real-time content is delivered corresponding to the target item that the phone is pointed towards.
The ARme engine supports multiple platforms.
New business opportunities will arise through making maximum use of the customers’ own content.

ARme Features
Fast, 1-second


Big Data


Simple registration
and management

Image, video,
QR code,
and barcode recognition

ARme Introduction Flow

You can easily begin using ARme.
Service can begin the next day after inquiry.
How about beginning a small start with ARme Smart Plan?
We offer support from inquiry to service operational consulting.

ARme Uses and Examples

ARme can be used in a wide variety of situations.

Video Recognition
ARme can recognize the video being played and connect the user to a related site or EC site. This can be used for new business opportunities, such as offering related info, prior experiences, or e-commerce sites through recognizing TV shows, tourist info, or commercials.
Package and Product Recognition
Through ARme, the user can be directed to promotions or EC sites easily from packaging or product promotional information. By pointing ARme at the target product, you can supply PR of products, promotions, product guides, explanations such as ways to use or create. Useful for a wide variety of marketing applications.
2D Space Utilization
Use ARme to add videos, 3D objects, or panoramas with limitless information to simple spaces. Raise the value of printed materials through offering a wide variety of extra information through various media with point of purchase advertising, posters, catalogues, free newsletters, business cards, newspapers, magazines, and more.
Other Uses
ARme can recognize QR codes in addition to images and videos. In addition, the recognition capabilities are not just limited to paper. If a cloth product features an image design, that can be registered as a target object as well. ARme supports uses for business in a wide variety of situations.

ARme Official Site

Check ARme official site for detailed information

You can use the service of 3 days free.
Visit the site if you have AR service plan or looking for new business model.




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